What is PD Power Supply?


The new words of PD power supply, type-C charger, fast charging power supply and recently appeared frequently in the public field of vision, which not only makes people unclear, but also makes people confused. Although this is a new technology, its influence is enormous, and it may even lead to a revolution in power supply generation. But online description of this is less, and more confused, today we will collate the relevant information, so that you can understand what the meaning of the PD power supply is.

PD means Power Delivery, which is also the fast charging technology. In fact, most of what we call PD power supply, type-C charger and fast charging power supply on the Internet mean the same thing. But the PD power supply is not just fast charging, in addition to the characteristics of fast charging, he also has some other advantages that traditional mobile power supply does not have. PD power supply with TEYP-C makes charging ubiquitous. For example, you can use the same charger to charge the computer, mobile phone and power bank; you can also share the electricity among mobile phones, tablets and laptops. When sharing electricity, you can change the direction of power supply, etc. You can use car batteries, lithium batteries for electric vehicles, and lithium batteries for portable devices as rechargeable treasures to charge your mobile phones and provide emergency needs. In short, PD power supply can make power sharing easier for you to get power.

There are so many benefits of PD power supply, can't wait to try it after hearing it? Although the PD power supply is good, but you should be cautious when purchasing, because it is a new technology after all, it is unavoidable to buy the wrong items. When purchasing, you must meet the PD2.0 fast charging agreement.